Atlas 'The Tank' 6'0
Atlas 'The Tank' 6'0
Atlas 'The Tank' 6'0
Atlas 'The Tank' 6'0
Atlas 'The Tank' 6'0

Atlas 'The Tank' 6'0

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Name: Atlas 'The Tank'
Ability: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced 
Volume: 49
Condition: Knee high +
Construction: PU
Dimensions: 6'0 x 23.25 x 3.25
Fin System: Futures 


While researching for a blog that I was writing, I spoke to a number of scientists about the relationship between a person’s weight and the size of wave that they can successfully ride on a short board. It became apparent that there is a relationship between someone’s weight and the size of wave that they can ride on a surfboard with their recommended volume. Basically, if you are 100kg+ you will not be able to ride your daily driver shortboard in waves below chest high.

With this in mind, I started to experiment with high volume grovel boards. The trick here is to pack in the foam without compromising on performance. Effectively I wanted the volume of a longboard with the performance of a shortboard. I didn’t want to be forced into riding a mal when the waves were small and weak. I had tested a number of mid lengths but found them too ‘stiff’ with significant swing weight in the nose. I also found that the added length didn’t fit in the pocket of a smaller wave.

I approached Louie at Atlas Surfboards with my idea and after some development we produced ‘The Tank’.

From The Shaper:

“The Tank does exactly what it says on the tin. A full shape with volume as the go. This shape is from a special-order blank which maintains the correct flex pattern in the nose and tail. The board has foam where you need it and is designed to fly in smaller surf but still turn on a dime.
Single to slight double between the fins with a v out of the tail and a razor-sharp edge in the last 13 inches. We have designed this as a five fin for maximum experimentation. Ride as a quad for speed or a thruster for added pivot and control.”

All Atlas surfboards are designed and manufactured in the UK, made with Burford blanks and Hexcell glass.

The Tank would suit a heavier (90 – 95kg+) surfer that doesn’t want to be forced into riding a longboard or mid length in junky waves. This board is also a great transition from a longboard, as it has similar volume to a mal, but behaves more like a shortboard. It would also suit someone carrying an injury or lacking paddle fitness, but still wants shortboard performance. Capable surfers in the top end of the weight spectrum (115kg +) also ride The Tank as a daily driver.