Goliath XXL 5-Fin FCS2 Compatible
Goliath XXL 5-Fin FCS2 Compatible
Goliath XXL 5-Fin FCS2 Compatible
Goliath XXL 5-Fin FCS2 Compatible
Goliath XXL 5-Fin FCS2 Compatible

Goliath XXL 5-Fin FCS2 Compatible



Goliath XXL Surfboard fins are high performance five fin set-up. Designed, developed and tested by Scott of Big Guy Boards, he has collaborated with experienced shapers and manufacturers to create the ultimate big guy fin. The XXL features an upright template that helps get the board on rail and tighten the turning arc. The fins have a lot of depth which provide stability and overall control.  Designed for larger and powerful surfers as a reliable thruster, or quad set up in all conditions. These fins can also be used as a performance set for Longboarding and SUP’s.

The honeycomb option creates a slightly more flexible fin, which will suit a larger surfer as an all round fin. 

Name Goliath XXL 
Construction  Honeycomb 
Size XXL - 95kg + 
Fin Height 136mm
Fin Base 116mm
Fin System Futures Compatible



"What stands out compare to other fins i used in this kind of wave (jjf futures) is the incredible drive especially in such hollow waves with being loose enough to have sufficient control"
J. Nevers

"I was using large size fins before I tried the Goliath XXL set. Straight away I could feel drive into turns and they still feel just as easy to turn as my last"
M. Blake

"I've found on these smaller, summer waves that unless I nail my takeoff, angle and feet - I will usually struggle with the bottom turn – either turning too hard and stalling out, or barely turning at all  to keep what speed I have and beat the section. And they're so small, I usually don't.
Anyway, with my first turn on my first wave, I was able to feel the difference with your fins. 
Had more touch, I suppose, is the easiest way to describe it. Board did exactly what I wanted it to do without having to muscle my turns at all. I was up on a right, made a little turn, flattened out for a sec to get a bit more speed, then a really effortless turn to beat the section and pulled back into the curl. Anyway, felt like I was surfing with my toes, instead of my legs, if that makes sense. 
It's ironic, because my assumption before riding was that more fin = more power (from me) - meaning they would handle me really muscling into the turns without slipping out like smaller fins have  done on me in the past. But, I found it was the opposite - I used far less energy - and felt more balance and control. 
Anyway - thanks for making these fins. I'm a happy customer. Can't wait to try them in some bigger surf."
S. Kirpalani


“Just rode the honeycomb quad in my bean bag. It was waist to shoulder high, wedges due to the mix of swells. It def packed some punch. The fins certainly have some bite because of the depth of the fin, but also have spring to them on the take-off /bottom turn and certainly fast. Possibly best fin I’ve used in this board!”

C. Fleeton

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Tim P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Goliath Baboon

My board was damaged in transit by heavy handed courier's, Scott sent me a replacement board and resolved the issue with no faff. Was very happy with the quality of the Goliath products. Tim@Nottingham.

Mr C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Transforms your surfing if you’re a heavier guy

I weigh 100 kg and even with large fcs fins, find myself sliding out on the bottom turn. Not any more! More grip=better bottom turns=greater speed=better turns

keir w.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Finally... Fins that feel right.

Ordered a set of fcs2 Goliath fins for my 8'2 pintail. Set up as a quad I took them out for the first using them, total game changer. Couldn't believe the difference a right set of fins feel immediately. Perfect, thankyou.

Big Guy Boards Goliath XXL 5-Fin FCS2 Compatible ReviewBig Guy Boards Goliath XXL 5-Fin FCS2 Compatible Review
Israel Israel

Great service and fast deliver y

thank you for your service customer care and fast delivery ! Strongly reccomended .

Eric H.
United States United States

The Big Guy Holy Grail Exists

For nearly two decades I’d wondered why I couldn’t lay into carves on a surfboard the way I can on a snowboard—I was forced to draw much longer lines than I knew were possible and just assumed that there was something irreparably wrong with my technique and/or guys as big as I am just aren’t meant for that kind of surfing. Had these fins been available when I was younger, I would have caught more waves and had more fun on my waves. Anyone who weighs over 210 lbs should try these out, and you will not be disappointed.