• Is Power Surfing Dead? My Top 5 Power Surfer Rundown.

    Are we over exposed to above the lip surfing? A lot of my social media feed is surf related. All I ever seem to see is clips of someone popping an ...
  • How big is a 6 foot wave?

    We recently had a solid pulse of waves in the UK. Proper ground swell with light off shore winds. Just at the upper limit for the beaches before ...
  • Ignore surfboard volume. Heavy surfers failing on small waves.

    The fact is, that at 110kg I put myself firmly in the heavy surfer category. And to be clear - I am referring to my weight. Not an inclination to ride big, thick lipped slabs. It is a fact that bigger people have much more difficulty riding smaller waves. I don’t have as much problem catching waves, but once I am up and riding I really struggle to generate and maintain speed. It gets even more frustrating when smaller surfers come flying past on toothpicks.