Cre8tion Surfboards


After years of refining his art, working with local legends within the surf industry, Louie Cherone formed Cre8tion surfboards. Established in 2009, Louie’s initial focus was repairs while he developed as a shaper. He quickly gained a reputation for his attention to detail and quality of finish. Louie’s shaping instantly gained popularity and several of his shapes now have international notoriety.
As he quickly achieved success, Louie was looking for a partner. After years of searching, no one met his high standards, until Ian Burges joined the team. Straight away, Ian proved himself as someone that has the skill and passion to represent Cre8tion surfboards. Louie has passed on his wealth of experience to Ian, who has now developed his own models.
As a bigger surfer, Louie specialises in high volume performance surfboards. All Cre8tion models are tested and refined by Louie and Ian over years. With this level of passion, experience and pride in their work, a Cre8tion board is a must in any serious surfers quiver.