ETC Surfboards

We have been following Steve Hann with interest for some time at Big Guy Boards. His strong, light weight and eco-friendly construction methods are a much needed alternative to a predominantly unsustainable industry. In addition to environmentally conscious manufacture, these boards are so durable that they last considerably longer then traditional construction - meaning less boards will end up on landfill. During testing the boards withstood a weight of nearly 500kg.

As a bigger person himself, Steve has years of experience shaping and developing performance surfboards to suit a heavier surfer. An expert in designing and creating boards that hide volume in the right places, ETC is a welcome alternative to the big brands - that often simply scale up their boards to achieve more float. The Unicorn model has been refined over a number of years and is the ultimate high-volume performance surfboard for every day conditions.

'etc surfboards was born in a bid to find a surfboard construction technique that produced a more eco friendly product with out sacrificing any performace based factors in a surfboard. I use re-cyclable eps foam, lower VOC epoxy resin and sustainably grown paulownia timber. The resultant boards are lighter, float better and maintain (and exceed) performance characteristics of traditional PU surfboards. In addition, etc surfboards will not yellow and will outlast a PU board by years. etc surfboards strike a balance between those wanting a high performance surfboard and eco friendly surfboard without the short-comings of a more traditional wooden surfboard.'