After a year of growing the Big Guy Boards community, Scott and the rest of the team have started a surf shop. We hope you like what you see. Scott is passionate about surfing and his goal is to make it a more inclusive sport.
Back in April 2019 Scott started Big Guy Boards. Initially a YouTube surfboard review channel aimed at people that need high volume boards, it quickly gained traction. With the addition of the Big Guy Boards Facebook group and a growing Instagram presence, we now have a varied and diverse Big Guy Boards community. If you are a bigger surfer, carrying an injury, lacking fitness, progressing down from bigger boards, or just like high volume surfboards. Scott's mission has always been the same; to get more people surfing.
As with many surfers within this niche, Scott has always found it difficult to source the right equipment. Big Guy Boards has been created as a central hub, where you can easily source the right gear to suit your needs.
Based in North Devon - UK, Scott tests all of the products that are available in the Bigguyboards shop. As a passionate and experienced surfer, he is always available to offer advice and support. You can contact Scott directly on the Big Guy Boards social media platforms: