Goliath Hardware

Goliath. Born from a need for surfing products that cater to a heavier person. A big guy’s perspective in collaboration with industry experience, offering products that appeal to a wider range of surfers. Making surfing more accessible is at the heart of every design. The Goliath range gives more surfers the equipment that they need.

This ethos is encapsulated in an ever growing range of surfboards and hardware. Designed by Scott of Big Guy Boards, a heavy surfer with over 25 years’ experience in the water and an understanding of the challenges that a larger surfer can face. Goliath offer the hardware that you need to access surfing without compromise.

Scott started Big Guy Boards in 2019; a social media platform to share his own experience and advice as heavy surfer. With a growing frustration of feeling marginalised within surfing, Goliath was formed: A collection of surf boards and hardware created by surfboard shapers and manufacturers, designed by Scott.

This new approach combined with a lifetime of surfing experience created a range of products that make surfing accessible to a wide range of people: From someone carrying an injury, lacking fitness due to age or any other reason, someone transitioning down from a longboard, or a person that is carrying more weight. More people are now able to get the most out of surfing.